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Would You Guys Like a "Wireless Power Kit"? Answered


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I am the author of the Wireless Power instructable here. [1] Over the course of the past year or so, my instructable has had just under 200,000 views and 600 comments. I have found that many people are actually 'recreating' my circuits and making their own wireless power systems.

I was thinking the other day, wouldn't it be great if there was a "Wireless Power How-to Kit," which would include a how-to guide, a solderable circuit, and all the components necessary to make a wireless power system. This would be for all of the people who would like to explore inductive coupling, but do not know where to start. I think this kit would help a lot of people... What do you think? Would you like a kit like this? Any tips for creating the kit?

[1] https://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Power-Transmission-Over-Short-Distances-U/


What kind of efficiency can you actually achieve ?

What gets me about this push to wireless charging is how much more energy everyone will use to do something that isn't that inconvenient to do anyway....

I think part of the push, for mobile devices, is coming from the absurd incompatibility where every manufacturer seems to use a different connector, and every battery seems to want a different voltage/current input for charging.

Your comment about the extra wasted energy (and how that seems to be getting ignored in all the gee-whiz) is a good one.

Man do I know what you are talking about there.....just the other day, I couldn't find my electric razor recharger, and was thinking about using another one of my many spare wall warts, when I found I couldn't get any to fit....then I did find the charger and was glad I hadn't plugged a 12v dc wall wart into it.....it wanted 7.3 v to charge it it o_0 Try to find a voltage regulator that'll do that in the repeat market *sigh*

Well, you know what they say about industry standards....
For hypothetical example:

an industry uses five different types of the same part. Someone says "lets make a standard part, so we can all use that, and eliminate the other parts." Pretty soon, the industry is suing 6 different types of the same part.

Is the mandated European move to mini-USB happening in the USA ?


Very true, and this is why we collarborate, so we can make them more efficient.

How much higher do you want to get?

I don't know anything about it, but 90% efficiency *seems* pretty high...

A good distribution transformer is like 98%.
Switch mode power supplies too can exceed 95% efficiency

Probably not really in "our" (or at least not MY) price range :-)

I wouldn't guess it would win any awards....there are lots of losses just dropping the AC to DC for the LED operation. Still I can see it "working" and that is always a GOOD way to start :-)

Tis what I like about "open source" :-)


6 years ago

You provide a kit
i will buy!
sure you,d sell tons!

I just asked my class of 12 year olds (who are busy making paper catapults).

They said "woah, that's cool!"

I'd take that as a "yes", I think.


Bizarrely, for a generation who take speedy pocket wifi internet for granted, a photo of a single glowing LED was oddly amazing.

Probably the feeling of "Wow, the guts of something electronics...wait, you can MAKE that?!"

That's my guess anyway...

I won't be seeing that class again for over a week, so I don't know now...