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Would You Guys Like a "Wireless Power Kit"? Answered


I am the author of the Wireless Power instructable here. [1] Over the course of the past year or so, my instructable has had just under 200,000 views and 600 comments. I have found that many people are actually 'recreating' my circuits and making their own wireless power systems.

I was thinking the other day, wouldn't it be great if there was a "Wireless Power How-to Kit," which would include a how-to guide, a solderable circuit, and all the components necessary to make a wireless power system. This would be for all of the people who would like to explore inductive coupling, but do not know where to start. I think this kit would help a lot of people... What do you think? Would you like a kit like this? Any tips for creating the kit?

[1] https://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Power-Transmission-Over-Short-Distances-U/


Is tha kit works for long range power transfer

Is tha kit works for long range power transfer

can you please send me wireless power transfer project circuit diagram and specification of components on this email id : kiran.bhammar@gmail.com

Would you guys pay $49 for a good put together wireless power kit? Is that price too low or too high?

I need 12v DC (in) to wireless charge (out) 12v DC over a 1/2" to 3/4" inch gap with plastic between the field. I will be charging (8) 1.2v NiCad batteries at 3200 m-amps each that are set up as 12v. I will be adding a charge controller before the batteries.

Here's my question, If you could build me one that I could reverse engineer along with the suppliers contact list and items identified parts list.

I am offering you $300.00 via pay-pal or any other means applicable.

I am in Kennedale Texas 76060 my web site is www.awrecker.com
please email me or call my number on the web site and I will return your call.



6 years ago

I would be VERY interested in a kit like this!! Reading your previous post, would it be hard to adapt the configuration to power multiple LED's or even a color changing LED circuit?

As for sales, I would say eBay, Etsy, and MAKE.

50$ fine with me :) Let me know when I can order.

me@xxiivv.com :)


7 years ago

If you brought enough attention to it (such as make magazine or some other print or online publication as kelseymh suggested) it would probably sell pretty well.

For a kit with full circuit boards, multiple page guide, and all the components I would have to add up the total cost. For now, I think the value of this kit would depend on how well put together it is.

@kelseymh I would contact sellers and I think that is a great idea!

@ thejunkmonger You guys could help me with the final cost. I still have too work more on this but as time goes on, this adventure should be very exciting!

I am surprised how many comments this question has got and how many people would like the kit. Thank you for all the help!

Sounds like a great idea but all depends on final cost I guess.

I'm interested! If you have the knowledge, and can assist those with less technical know-how, and make a little sum, why not?


7 years ago

Most definitely. That would be a great idea

That would be great!

Yes, I think that would be really awesome! If you want to try to create it yourself, you could sell it through Etsy (for example). You probably want to do a market survey first, just to know what similar kits might already be out there.

You might also consider contacting the folks over at MAKE Magazine, and in particular, whomever manages their "MAKER Shed" store.

They have a lot of experience with these sort of kits, and may (or may not!) have programs set up to help makers package and sell such things (for a cut, obviously).