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Would a disposable FujiFilm camera's capacitor be lethal? The capacitor has no markings. Answered

I want to make a shocker, and after reading something here I'm considering just leaving the capacitor out of the camera charging circut for safety. The capacitor has writing giving away the ratings on it, and I simply need to know that I won't kill my buddy with it. Oh yes, and would the charge of an AA battery ran through the circut be enough to shock someone?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Its voltage that shocks. Your skin is a semi insulator. Low voltages will not go through it. If you take 10 9 volt batteries and snap them together, plus to minus, then they will produce 90 volts. That is enough to give you a good jolt, if you touch both ends at the same time. But low voltage will not even be able to be felt. What the threshold is varies from one individual to another and what the conditions are. (sweaty will get you a better shock at lower voltage) You might be able to feel something from 24 volts on up.

Yes, absolutely, take care!

While most probably not toxic enough to kill you by poisoning (though don't take my word for it), you might choke on it! And the wires sticking out will not be nice for you colons.

I hardly think that is any kind of problem for me.

But thank you for the information guys.

The capacitor in a camera's flash will hurt but isn't dangerous (I know from experience). If you remove the capacitor you won't have a shocker.

And I'm not sure what you're asking with the last part. If you didn't know, charge and voltage are two different things. You can touch both leads of a AA battery and you won't even feel anything, if that's what you're asking.