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Would a glass, vacuum-insulated thermos be able to withstand the extreme cold of liquid-air? Answered

i am in the middle of designing a system to produce liquid air using the von linde process. the termos would not be under any pressure, but it will get quite cold. can a thermos using a glass vacuum insulated inside be able to withstand temperatures below -180 degrees celsius?


I second Lemonie's request that you post your project here - take lots of photos as you build, then add video of you doing cool stuff with the liquid air...

Yes, Dewar invented these things for just this sort of use.


thank you,
that makes me feel alot more secure about my design...

I'd like to know more about this when you're finished, liquified-gases is no easy job. But as I say, the Dewar flask was part of the first wok on these things. Do post your stuff here when it's all together.