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Would a solar convection oven be possible? Answered

 I have a Odis Spunkmeyer convection cookie oven, and it seems to me one could superheat air and blow it in with solar, perhaps a tube that would be more practical for heating just air then blowing the air into the oven. Is this just me thinking out of my butt or is this feasible?


Not sure about your exact approach, but it seems to me that a solar powered (heatwise at least) convection oven ought to be possible. A large parabolic or similar to capture and concentrate the heat to a "point", then transfer that heat to the oven using some form of heat pipe

Your idea of using forced air to move it is kinda cool...pun intended, although I'm not so confident about the efficiency of a convective or air transfer from the collector to the oven, no matter its efficiency once cooking the food in the oven - convective ovens are after all well known for their cooking efficiency, so I'm not contesting that!

Anyway, imo, and at first glance, conduction via a solid, High K material like a copper or steel rod into the oven then forced convection from the "exit point of that "thermalatrode" might be better

Sun => collector => conductive heat pipe => oven => convective bake

That is pretty much what I thought. To me the problem with a solar oven is the thing has to be outside, can blow over, can (if done with fresnels or certain reflectors) start fires or burn people. If you could slap a collector on the roof and run a tube into the kitchen to the oven, and CONTROL THE HEAT, you could really cook with it, and if there is no sun you could use regular household current with the same oven. I know there is a solar oven that uses regular current so you can finish cooking things the sun has run out on, but I'd like to be able to get things really hot or cook for a really long time-an oven that was as handy as a regular convection oven. Part of the electric could come from solar panels too . . .

I think it's a great idea... I suppose it could theoretically be used for home heating too...if one could figure out how to seal it off (the "thermalatrode" as I gruntingly named it) from the interior, when the sun isn't there or during warmer months when the last thing you'd wast was an embedded heat source!

And just to clarify, when I said, "I'm not so confident about the efficiency of a convective or air transfer from the collector to the oven", I meant that coverting the heat energy into a heated air-stream *prior to transfer into the oven might be kinda inefficient. Afaik, conduction is the single most efficient transfer medium, presuming the use of appropriate materials of course ;).

In principle I guess. you would need to build a heat exchanger.