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Would a survival blanket help a criminal to evade detection from a thermal camera? Answered

 I have a survival blanket that claims to reflect back 90% of my radiant body heat and I've always wondered:

If a criminal were to hide under a bush wrapped in a survival blanket would he be able to evade a police helicopter searching with a thermal imaging camera?

Thank you.



8 years ago

I think because wraping your self with a blanket defuses your heat or it traps heat inside the blanket. Meaning for a short period of time before your body heats up your blanket the blanket stays cold/ neutral avioding bieng semm by the camera. If you know what I mean. I think quilted would do better.

have a look at this - around 2,40 for the thermal image bit.

They were testing heat detectors used in burglar alarms so the test is not directly transferable to an ir camera like the police use.

And while mythbusters is one of my fav. shows they don't always use complete scientific method or maybe that part ends up on the cutting room floor.

It might help, but it might also draw attention by creating and abnormal hot or cold spot.

Yes to some degree. The army use similar techniques to avoid detection. Remember however that if the heat isn't getting out - your going to get hot.