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Would a van de graaff be a good display to go with halloween? Answered

i was hoping to build a 500,000 volt vdg for halloween in the coming weeks up to halloween mainly because sparkes of that size are quite impressive but i am un sure because others may not be impressed and i would have wasted my money


. Anyone who's not impressed by a 500kV lightning bolt isn't worth impressing. ;)


7 years ago

Jacob's Ladder is much more Spooky film. Quote from Wikipedia:

Jacob's Ladder (disambiguation)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jacob's Ladder may also refer to:
* High voltage traveling arc, an electrical effect, classic in cinematic portrayal of laboratories


A Tesla would be more spectacular.


VdGs are fun, but don't give much in the way of a light-show.

If you have one, why not use it to supply a charge to a patch of foil around your door-bell?

Just make sure you post a sign on the gate; "if you have a heart condition, please do not ring the bell..."


7 years ago

It would impress the hell out of me, for sure. You could make it the centerpiece of a Dr. Frankenstein laboratory using the light from the electrical arc as stage lighting.
Keep it behind glass (front window) so kids, dogs and bats don't get zapped.

As long as you keep it far away enough from people that you can't be sued for anything and no one can be hurt..