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Would anyone happen to know how to make a rubber band gun? Answered

My brother had one, but we lost it when we moved. It's a real rubber band gun, not like a clothpin taped to a stick. The barrel has a notch cut in the end where you put the rubber band on, then stretch it back and put it over a little dowel in a cog-shaped attatchment. You then pull the trigger and the cog moves forwards, shooting the rubber band. Sorry if that's vague, I haven't had the thing in my hands for four years, as I said, we lost it when we moved. If I can't find anyone who knows how they'd go about making one I'll just hunt down some materials and make an instructable for it myself. :) Thanks, Roisin


get a yard stick or a ruler and put a rubber band on theare and put one side of the rubber band high and one low and lift up the high side from the back and fire u pobubly dont under stand....

The quick rubberband pistol: Hold hand as a pretend pistol, thumb pointing up, index finger pointing as barrel. Hook band over index fingernail. Stretch band round back of hand, behind vertical thumb. Place end of band in palm of hand, trap in place with middle finger. Point menacingly at class-mate. Release band by lifting middle finger. Say "kapow!"

Gosh..I've forgotten altogether about this.. :) Thank for bringing it back.. Btw, i used to hook the rubber band on my little finger, then stretch around vertical thumb, finally hook to index fingernail..somewhat similar to yours..

You can have a repeater if you put one band on each of the three non-index fingers : )

haha as many times as i tried that, i was never able to actually get them all off of my fingers. i could get the first one, but after that it just failed miserably.

The Complex version on this page might give you an idea about how to make it.