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Would anyone want a Portable Nes that they dont have to build? Answered

Hello i am currently undergoing a project to mass produce nes handhelds but before i start making them i will need to know who wants to buy one and what kind they want. for further information email me at Minitendo.david@gmail.com or go to Minitendo.weebly.com Thank you 



I would want one depending on the price

I would be interested in a portable N64 if the price were right

i understand that a portable n64 is pricey to produce so it wouldnt be dirt cheap but it would be worth it in the long run when your at a hotel with no games and you have the portable n64
If still interested email me at Minitendo.david@gmail.com

if a "basic" model costs 150 and a N64 is pricey then it is way more than I would be willing to pay..

Some prices, delivery times etc would be helpful to know.

Yes i understand that im thinking the basic price for a standard model will be around 125-150 depending on how much it takes for me to reproduce them i only have my first model im ordering the materials for the mass produce and delivery times are depending on where you live im going to try to make delivery timing fast as possible.