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Would you be a Jedi or a Sith? Answered

If you lived in the Star Wars universe, would you be a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord. I would obviously be a Sith Lor-uh, i mean a Jedi, yeah Jedi....thats what i meant.....yeah


Dark Jedi, best of both worlds

I choose... JITH! (Nah, i mean a grey Jedi...)

MUDHOLE? Slimy? my home this is ! Like living the way I am now, I am!

You guys are halarious To bad, I sound live marvin the martian i wish i could say somthing in my marvin voice!

The Jedi retirement plan is MUCH better...

"A true sith never dies!!"-Jorak uln(previous master of a sith academy) ... seconds before Revan cut him to pieces.

I think I'd be a Gray Jedi, using both sides of the Force. Restraining yourself to just one or another is a fool's mentality, because there is only one Force.

yeah i would choose that except than guys from both sides wud be trying to kill me so i would train as a jedi and once im strong enuf id go to the dark side, that way id kno both ways of the force while only being hunted down by one side

No,Qui gon jinn was a gray Jedi, so was Jolee bindo. Jolee chose to live in a log on kashyyk in self exile but when revan picked him up he worked against the dark side. the gray Jedi use both sides of the force for good like normal Jedi but essentially aint gonna take no Gurff!!!

Neither. I'd be a Jawa.

jawas rule tatooine and you know that it is just like aliens ruling our american government i hate establishment

I wanna be a sith, because you get cookies for switching to the dark side.

i always say to my friends, Join the Darkside we have cookies and free Wi-Fi

Neither. Now, if you offered technomage as an option, that might be interesting.

A meaningless question that is.
Yours to make the choice is not.
Jedi or Sith, KNOW you will.