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Would bed pillows make good insulation for a roof? Answered

I'm planning an earthbag house, and with its vertical walls, I need a roof. I'm going as cheap as possible, and I wondered if this would serve as a solution? I can get pillows from Walmart for about $5 a piece.


In a word, no. It would be very inefficient and wouldn't last long. Also, there are building codes that specify how a house must be isulated.

Buy the correct material - Otherwise you will be wasting money AND creating a fire hazard.

Reckon a pillow is 2 feet x 1 feet, and, if they were the same insulation value as rockwool, you'd need probably 12" of them, say 3 on top of each other, you're looking at $7.50 /sq ft.

A roll of Dow fibreglass, R19 is 50 bucks and contains nearly 80 sq. ft of insulation.