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Would hot oil work to free a rusty siezed bicycle chain and other small parts? Answered

I'm just curious but how effective would hot cooking oil be to free up a seized cycle chain and other small rusted parts?

I've searched around and can only find info on engines and cast iron pots and thats not what I'm looking for.

Its also an idea for another use for an old electric fryer thats seen better days but still works.



1 year ago

Cooking oil is not a good oil for this application. One of it's problems is that it spoils, goes rancid. You need a stable oil for machine applications that does not break down in normal environmental conditions. Vegetable oil is temporary, it goes bad.


1 year ago

Rust removal Laser

soaking in diesel and working it can help. Just really depends how far gone it is and how much effort you want to put in

There is oil available for just that, WD40 for example.
But IMHO it is cheaper and easier to get a new chain.