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Would it be logical to play Bioshock before Bioshock 2? Answered

I want to play both but I don't have enough money for both. Do the storys match each other? all I know are the basics of Bioshock.


You should definitely start with Bioshock 1. I never liked playing or reading a series out of order. Plus Bioshock 1 explains everything a bit better, I would imagine. I haven't played bioshock 2 yet but I want to get it.


8 years ago

Yeah, go ahead and play the first Bioshock.  It's dirt cheap now (check used games stores).  You might even be able to afford both, but if you can't you'll probably be able to save up enough cash while you're playing the first one to buy the second.

Start with space invaders and work your way up.

Yes it would. But it ain't going to spoil Bioshock 2 that much by not playing the original. A game is a game, if you have some familiarity with Bioshock, you'll be fine with the sequel.


Only if you want to understand the backstory, and play a game that is widely considered one of the best games ever. Bioshock 2 looks like it's probably going to be excellent, but we know that Bioshock 1 is excellent. As an added benefit, if you play Bioshock 1 first, Bioshock 2's price may have come down by the time you're ready for it.

Quote someone on a game site I just googled:

"Bioshock 1 has a great story and fun gameplay and is only $10-20 by this point.
Not entirely sure if you really need to know that much about the first game outside of the basic backstory to understand the second, but still there is no reason not to play the first".

I totally agree with the poster of the info:  When the old one is so cheap, you might as well play and appreciate it, so that the sequel blows you away with the better...this or that.