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Would it be possible to cram a new digital camera into a old dead film camera? (has this been done before) THANKS :D? Answered

I was thinking of doing this for my first instructable.
I know it seems wrong to use an old camera, as they are so beautiful but really when they are dead they are dead, 
 I have found dead ones like this : www.ozcamera.com/minolta.html (the minolta hi-matic 7s for $20.... or maybe something in a local junk shop.... either way this style. 
 Then mount inside it one of these: cgi.ebay.com.au/10MP-DIGITAL-CAMERA-2-4-TOUCH-SCREEN-VIDEO-CAMCORDER_W0QQitemZ230413567834QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Digital_Cameras

simply cause its cheap and 10mp...

any thoughts/ideas? has this already been done and im overlooking it?? hahaha
or would it be worthwhile trying to fix the old camera somehow?
thanks for any input :D



It is entirely possible to dissect a working digital camera and reinstall everything into an old film camera.  It has been done before.

But my question is WHY?  What you'll end up with is a heavy, outdated, non-autofocusing camera. 

You won't be able to use the original auto focus lens.  Using a 35 mm camera body and lens you won't have full coverage on the original film plane.  Most digital cameras us a sensor about 1/4" square.  The 35 mm film plane is almost 1" x 1.5" and you're only using 1/4" x 1/4".

Now if you are talking about adapting a big camera like an 8 x 10 view camera, one of these could be adapted to use a scanner as "film" and you would have a very interesting camera there.

If you like the look of the older cameras them buy a few and use them for decorating purposes.  Out in my photostudio/electronics lab/music studio/my place to be alone I have a 16' shelf almost at the ceiling where I have 40 or so different cameras.  Some old and some that I couldn't afford when I was young but are almost given away now.  Pentax, Canon w/ 1.4 lens, a Nikon.  I didn't pay more than $20 for any of them but it's very interesting when people visit my shop.

Now on the other hand.  THis project would be a GREAT learning experience.  If you even get close to making it work you would be gaining great skills and learning great fabrication skills.  So if that's the goal this would be a first rate project.

Good luck to you which ever way you go.

I've seen a few writeups for putting a small lens in front of a fixed focus digital camera to interface with an old lens system. Not crazy good at lenses and photography, but I'm sure those that are will bend your ear off about it (they tend to). Might work. Depends a little on if you're doing this to make a better looking digital camera or trying to reuse good lenses from analogs on the cheap, but I don't see any obvious reason it couldn't be done either. Good luck.

There's no massive reason why not, but it will take a lot of fiddling and faffing about - you would need to ensure the digital image chip was in exactly the right place for focusing, and fabricate a linkage (probably a mix of mechanical and electrocal) to trigger the digital device with the existing switch.

Then you'd have to think about accessing the images, changing the batteries...

Maybe start with a box brownie?