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Would it be possible to create a wireless crossover cable powered by wifi? Answered

I was thinking maybe with an arduino and the proper shield, but I am not sure.  The reason is me and my friend want to cheaply use system link so we can play each other all the time, and we don't want xlink kai or something like that (due to lack of reachability; our computer is upstairs, and our xbox is in the basement).



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You could try just connecting one of the components to the router with a cross-over cable. It still might not work because you are probably using a wireless router, and not a wireless switch. That would be my only suggestion. Try putting this under technology and not play. I mostly work with data recovery, not networking, so someone else looking under technology might be able to help.

however this is an xbox related post.
could you create a diagram

Yes, but it is a question that people in Technology would be able to answer better.

One thing I forgot to ask... you are trying to make a straight through connection... right?  Any router automatically configures the ports so that you don't need a crossover cable.  So by making the Xbox crossover, you are making it into a straight through network.  See my diagrams.  Sorry I didn't have an Xbox on file, so just imagine that the laptop is a Xbox.

I have 4 different ways to do it.  The first two use straight through cabling since the router automatically crosses over.  The last two use crossover cabling to make it into a straight through network.  Have fun!

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