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Would it be possible to fill a soap bubble with hydrogen and then, say, blow it up with a high-power laser pointer? Answered



6 years ago

"Yes" to part one, I suspect "No" to part two.

My first year of university, I had an excellent chemistry prof who had a really fun performance on the last day of class. All sorts of chemical reactions for fun. To the 1812 Overture, the prof made bubbles of acetylene (or something explosive) and as they rose, lit the bubbles on fire with a candle at the end of a long stick.

So, some sort of hydrogen-gas producing reaction, in a beaker of soapy water, could make the bubbles.

However, I bet a laser would have trouble igniting the gas, as it probably would not get a chance to deposit enough energy to start combustion (gases being fairly transparent). A candle on a stick works though!