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Would it be possible to generate at least 9V with a small ElectroMagnet Generator?Please help!? Answered

Im thinking of powering a 9V computer Fan with a little motor I pulled out of a old RC car.
How much voltage do you think would it be possible to pull from that motor if say the motor uses a 12V battery to run at full speed?What do I have to do to pull max potential out of the motor.
Its a science project that im doing for myself and maybe later on will become a fixture in my home.



I used a stepper motor out of an old printer and hot glued plastic blades made from spaghetti bottles and the thing produced more than 10v.
Supprised the hell out of me.

You might be able to get 9 volts out of a 12 volt motor.  You're going to have to spin it pretty fast to do that.

RC car motors typically have only 10-12 turns of wire on each pole of the armature.  Great for rpm's and speedy car but not the best generator.  Hook a volt meter up to the motor treminals and spin it by turning the back wheels and see what voltage you get out of the motor.

Hey guys thanks for the replys.

Well ok sounds fair.
What if I took 2 magnets and put them at the end with a little plastic tip on the motor and I spin it with 12V perhaps?Obviously Ill coil some wire around a paper tube ive made and balance the magnets inside there for max performance.Do you think ill be able to somehow get 12V in return from the power being generated?

If so what would you recommend the coils to be made of and how many turns around the paper tube would it require?
also...would stronger magnets help?

I was hoping I could build a little self sustaining unit.Thats why I need maximum output of the motor.

Thanks guys I really appreciate this!

If you're going to spin it with 12 volts you won't be able to get 12 volts out of it.  You may not even be able to get 6 volts out.  Even the most efficient generator is not going to return all of the energy supplied to it.  If that would work then you could create a perpetural motion machine that would run forever with out taking in more energy.

Yeah, you need to spin these things fast but it could be done. What were you thinking of driving it with?