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Would it be possible to hack Boogle Flash or Scrabble Flash to use another dictionary? Answered


I was just saw this video of Boggle Flash (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xeQvAkVFOs) and was thinking in buying one but since my native language isn't English it would´t be much fun. 

Is there a way to hack it to change it's dictionary? I suppose it has some kind of micro controller right? Would it be to difficult?




7 years ago

You probably can't or it would be very difficult. I would recommend you look into using a free, open source game called JDuplicate, which is a clone of Scrabble. It comes in three languages English, French and Russian, but it also is designed to allow the user to change the language pack to many other languages. Since my native language is English, I haven't looked into changing languages but you can check it for yourself here:


Thanks for the reply.

But the fun in this would be to have the little cubes to play. I guess i'm out of luck then. Maybe when they release this http://sifteo.com/ i will be able to do what i want using just software.

Thanks again

whats your native language?

I'm doubtful that the (rather fun-looking) game was designed to be re-programmed.


Well i guess i'll have to wait for them to release it in another language. If they will ever do so...

Thanks anyway