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Would it be possible to make a projector withthe rgb spectrum lazers? Answered

With the new Blue "lazers", how could you make a projector?  It would be very neat.  the trouble would be the lazers colors go all over the screen so...  Well thanks in Advance, Hope we invent a new technology!


Depends on what you mean by "projector".

You can certainly use galvanometer-driven mirrors to paint shapes onto the wall, vector-graphics style. (If you've been to a laser show at a planetarium, or similar venue, that's what they're doing.)

An image, or video? No. You really can't raster-trace anywhere near bright enough, fast enough, for persistence of vision to last until the retrace. (TVs get away with it only because the phosphors stay lit for a little while after the electron beam hits them.) So the best you might be able to do would be to diffuse the lasers and use them as light sources in a normal three-beam projector... in which mode they'd be a very expensive solution. Nice idea, not practical

Yeah that was my guess but it was worth a try, If you had a series of lazers with shaping lenzes and galvanometer-driven motors do you think it could work?

Not without paying far more than any other solution.