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Would it be possible to place a TV-B-Gone inside a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver? Answered

uhh i just thought this would be interesting. But seriously, could you compress the TV-B-Gone inside a sonic screwdriver type thing? (homemade or not)


Not only can it be done, it WILL be done, i will make this and post an instructable when done.

I would pay someone to build me a custum sonic screwdriver with seven things id like in it. it may be fairly simple. anyone interested??


7 years ago

I just did a google search for this very idea, it lead me here. I now plan on building my own as soon as i can get the parts, then i will publish my results as well.

Sure. Up to you to build the circuit small enough and to make it look good...

I'll add an order of magnitude to that.


 That is an epic idea
+another one !