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Would it be possible to put a power generating wind turbine on a car and store the power in a battery bank? Answered

I'm trying to think of ways to store power in batteries so I can run household gadgets in my van without having to resort to a generator. 


Yes, but it would cost you more in wasted fuel than you gain in electricity.

If you want to charge batteries by wind power, do it when parked.

If you are talking about a camping-type van, and you are only using the gadgets when parked, a viable option would be to cover the roof in photovoltaic cells to charge a battery.

Thanks Kiteman.  I admit that I'm pretty new to all of this stuff.  I thought about the covering the roof in solar cells too.  I'm just trying to get as much power as I can without resorting to a noisey generator.  Idealy I just want to charge the batteries in every way possible but at this point I'm at a loss on how to get the whole thing going... 

What I've seen people do here at camp sites is dig a whole (a little deeper than the generators height) as far away as possible (Cable length or camp site space) and put the generator in it.

You'll be suprised at how effective this is.

Anyway, hope this helps.

Keep searching this site, there are only a 'thousand' different projects that can really spur the imagination...

Anything you put on the outside of your car will create more drag and increase gas usage.  It would be better to just add another alternator or a bigger one and hook the new batteries to that. 

Unless you're talking about something that is stowed and erected when you get to a site to capture the wind power there.

Thanks Re-design.  So would hooking up an additional or bigger alternator just allow the batteries to charge faster?

Your battery should be charged at a max rate, but a bigger alternator or an additional one would allow you to charge bigger batteries or more batteries.  Your original alternator probably just barely charges what you have now with the lights on etc., so you need additional charging power.