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Would it be possible to take the trim off of the top of a 42 gallon hexagonal aquarium or would the aquarium fall apart? Answered

I was thinking about making my aquarium into an open-topped aquairum, and the trim would take away from the effect. Would the aquarium fall apart or would the silicone hold it? It would still have the bottom trim. I'm probably not going to do this but I would like to know if I could try it.


I took the top trim off my rectangle tank and filled it up and it seemed fine. Looked even better. Do you think by doing this I compromised the structure of the tank?

is it acrylic or glass?
acrylic is too flimsy to do this too. Glass aquariums just have plastic trim held in place with the sealant. You can cut it off with a spatula.

be careful the edge is sharp and you'll cut yourself several times before you realize.

I believe that "trim" is just that, i.e. non-structural. So taking it off would be fine.
(If you find it's made of metal and hard to get off comment back.)



6 years ago

I've done this with a cheap rectangular aquarium before. I didn't refill it with water, so I don't know if the trim played any structural role. I also chipped the thin glass, but you should have less trouble with your tank. I say it's definitely worth a try, and could look really cool, but keep these things in mind.

A. Vyger is right. It's going to be glued in place.

B. The glass underneath will likely be unfinished and need sanding/polishing.

C. Finishing the glass will probably be time consuming.

D. You'll need to remove any glue on the sides of the glass without scratching

E. It should end up looking pretty spiffy.


6 years ago

Try it out first on your friends. Its going to be pretty hard getting it off without breaking something. Its likely glued in place.