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Would it be possible to turn seats around? Answered

Would it be possible to turn seats around? Like in a ford escape take the rear seats out, and reverse them so they face backwards?


I'm sure its possible, but be aware of the laws where you live. In my area, the law was just recently amended after a serious highway accident which led to the prohibition of any seat modifications. Violations can become a serious matter, so check before trying anything.

Speaking just on physical possibility using the Ford Escape as your example the answer is no. The area behind the seats is higher than the seats so if you turned the seats around there would be no place to put your legs. My wife drives an Escape so I had that to look at.

In the U.S., vehicle seats may be removed and reinstalled backward as part of a modification for disability access. The work must be done by a licensed installer, and the reversed seat must include all regulated safety equipment (e.g., a three-point seatbelt, airbag if appropriate, etc.).

My wife's car modification cost $2,500 (in 2003 U.S. dollars). The price was that low because we already had an installable modified seat from her previous vehicle.

Anything is possible, with the right equipment. Though, as Canucksgirl said, it will most likely violate safety laws, and you coukd be liable if someone got hurt in tjose modified seats.