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Would it work to buy lumber and make my own wood floors? Answered

I am thinking of buying some cheap lumber from a lumber yard nailing it into my floors and sanding it down ...wondering if that would be ok without the cost of buying real hardwood floors...My staircase is pine and loks awesome... our stairs are pine.  just sanded and stained and my staircase looks centuries old! it worked for them thinking that might work for my floors in my three small bedrooms....


yes it will work like pine 1 by 6 or 4 dont sand it untill the floor is in it will look rustic but i love the look. make sure wood isnt really green or it will shrink back , nail only outside of the last board set and so on angle nails into corner its not easy, then there will be no exposed nails.. after floor is in get a good lacker clear coat wear a mask and have a fan and go to town on it. let sit warm till totally dry .. done good luck

The answers are in your other question.  If you have the tools to put the toung and groove into the sides of the boards and let them stabilize in the house where they are going to be installed you will be happy.