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Would like to "hard wire" electric seat heaters into cars electrical system without plugging into the cigarette lighter. Answered

My wife has some seat heaters for our 2006 Honda Element but they plug into the cigarette lighter and there is only one lighter jack. The heat build up is significant and a direct wiring would have been better for this. Do you have some instructions on how to do this task?


Wire them up like you would a stereo amp. In fact use an amp wiring kit. Look for any instructable that goes over wiring an amp into a car and you can follow the same instructions.

Wouldn't this drain the battery? Just curious.

There are several ways to wire it up. I don't know of any car amp you would wire directly to the battery without going through the ignition switch or having a power switch on it. If the pads don't have an on/off switch then i would certainly wire one in while your installing it and put the switch in the dash. You don't really want heated sets running in the summer anyway. So having a means to turn them on as needed seemed like a no brainer.

To be clear, I do want the seats off when the car isn't running ( or yes it would drain the battery). We live in the UP so we have quite a bit of cold and when it's cold the seat heaters are a good thing but they are after market and so they have plugs to the cigarette lighter but there are way to many things to plug into that outlet with cell phone chargers and other electronic stuff. The idea of wiring the seats heaters to the ignition like an amp would be sounds good so I'll be looking at that idea.

You could get a spliter for your lighter so you can plug more things in. As i recall most cigarette lighters are on a 5A fuse so make sure you don't exceed that 5A limit if you do use a spliter.

No, because it would just be "on" when the car was running.