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Would shades, or sunglasses protect you from flashbangs? Answered

Let's say you are in a situation where every second counts. Do wearing shades or sunglasses protect your eyes from temporary blindness as a result of a military grade flashbang? If not, what are some ways to protect yourself from the bright, instant flash of a flashbang? What are some ways I could imitate the blinding flash of a flash bang, without having to use actual flash bangs for an experiment? I'd appreciate your ideas.


Your eyes are still hit with the change in illumination, so your pupils still contract. An automatic welding filter would work because it's built to do just that-protect fast (1/20000? of a second) but not limit (much) normal vision.

would you be able to cut the glass from the view panel down to fit sunglass frames?? I'm guessing they'd also offer some sort of ballistic protection as well, albeit minimal and not the .22 rating as found in military grade ess or ddw glasses

It's a two piece system, a solar panel to detect the light level and a lcd that acts as the shade. Could it be done? Probably. Easy? No. Try looking at some of the welding supply catalogs, they might have something close, but they would look fugly : )

100 sparklers bound together with alot of magnesium ribbon... ;)

I already have some flash-bangs, but I can't use them several times in one day for this particular experiment because it would attract the neighbor's attention, the police, and of course my parents. I needed something that was silent and can be used indoors.However, I've tried out some before,it felt like a sniper rifle going off right next to your ear.

I only tried a real one once. I obtained it from a friend, who got it from some other person, though I have no real idea whats its' completle orgin is. However, I do have a lot of homemade flash-bangs that work just as well. I made both spring triggered mechanisms, and the old simple ones that just use a fuse with an match ignition device (aka- A rolled up match book attached to the fuse).

I just found an old camera in which it's flash is VERY bright. Must have kept me from seeing anything for five seconds, and I still have an after image in my sight. I tried sunglasses, they helped but not much.

I'd say don't fool around with mlitary grade flashbangs. unless you like..... live in iraq or afganistan or your like.....homeless and crash in one of those military training facilities mock bedrooms......you really don't need to protect yourself from flashbangs. If you do, the military will teach you. if the military won't teach you then your not on our side and I don't want you to know. there ae plenty of ways to blind yourself. flashbangs are not something you need to play with. there not appropriate for painball or whatever you play with your friends and it'd be a dangerous prank........ can't you just blow stuff up like a normal kid?

Simulation? Why not use a big bank of camera-flashes (the studio-style ones)? Protection? If you know it's coming, shut your eyes and put your hands over them. If you know it's coming, but not when, then jtobakto's idea should work. You may be able to hire them.

> Do wearing shades or sunglasses protect your eyes from temporary blindness as a result of a military grade flashbang? . Probably not completely, but very dark ones may help. I'd use something like a welding filter. I doubt anything will give 100% protection, especially for repeated exposure. . > What are some ways I could imitate the blinding flash of a flash bang . Multiple flashbulbs with a reflector.

I wear tinted, uv resistant shooting glasses for all my flash-bangs. The general idea of a flash-bang is to blind and disorient the enemy. Me thinks you should set up a camera and turn away?.