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Would this schematic work? Answered

Will this work? it's based on https://www.instructables.com/id/SCYCBXQFD80BUXI/

Basically, what it should do, is when I aim the IR emitter (TV remote) at it, it'll go off for a few seconds. The goal is to hide it and piss off whoever is watching TV, and changing channels.


hey I need schematics for building a solar panel. Anyone happen to know anything about them?

Hello Firedragoon8605, I think that does not belong into this topic since it is about infrared-remote-controlling ;-)
Anyway, do you mean building a solar panel from oslar cells or building solar cells?
Building cells yourself is a problem, since in factories there is a lot of heat, sterile & dust free machines, and lot of work involved. Thats why they are so expensive. Still, you can make your own solar panel with saltwater, some copper and a stove;

Note that they will produce very litle electricity, so no chance you can efficiantly build a panel that will do anything like providing your camper with electricity, only show on a multimeter that it works.

If you ment building a solar panel out of single cells, that would be rather easy; You can get broken solar cells rather cheap at hoby stores, factories etc., and by connecting them in paralell so the bits that are then connected in series add up to similar sizes you have your very own efficient (and low cost ) solar panel ;-) Dont forget a diode though so it cant discharge wrong way

never mind found some......by the way already have the cells just need to wire 'em up and to build an inverter......but thanks!

The problem is that regular light (sun, most lamps) emit (some) IR that will interfere with an IR-Phototransistor. Look up TSOP IR-Modules, thats the way to go.

Yep, I agree. The one IR detector I built years ago, I put a small flexible hood on it around the IR detector and used it as a remote tester.

should work; when the phototransistor goes on, the base of the npn switching transistor is grounded and goes off.

THe problem is sunlight and also lighttubes and some lightbulbs will emit all over the IR spectrum, thus trigger it also. You can decrease the sensitivity but the range will decrease to a few centimeters/inches, probably less. The problem is that Infrared light is everywhere. This "Noise" is why IR-Remotes are pulsed & modulated. Imagine you are searching for someone in a crowd youve never seen before, it would be hopeless. You dont know which of all those persons is the one you've been looking for. Now if that person would jump up and down or wave, you could spot it easily, even with all the other people.

funny story that is on topic: When I was building my wireless wii sensor bar for my home theater system (wire's too short) I was getting confused because if I poin the wii mote to the way right of the screen, then the pointer shows up. I though it was working and it just needed some calabration. Turns out it was just 2 normal lights that were on, lol

Yep ;-) It even works with candles:

Though the Wii-Remote is basicly just a Camera and the Wii registers the bright IR-LEDs. Due to the more simplistic setup of a TV Remotesystem (there is just sensor registering light from everywhere) it needs to be pulsed in order to work, while the wii has sort of a image analysis checking for position and brightness.