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Wouldn't it be nice: MacPlus PDA! Answered

Main Idea: Building a super-efficient-crystal-sharp-monochromatic-PDA based on the Coldfire / Dragonball CPU, using System 6 from Apple's older software page and a utility such as CopyRoms to obtain the ROM from a Macintosh Plus. This way there are no copyright problems, am I right?

An impossible Mission?


you'll do fine - as long as you have a working macintosh that recognises the files you are downloading from your pda
pcs use file extensions - so don't use one of those

I would buy that! I love the old macs


9 years ago

Heh. I noticed when I bought my first PDA that it had capabilities quite similar to the original macs. SLIGHTLY less display, but more storage (8M ram+files, compared to what? 128k ram + 800k floppy on the mac?) Apple oughta put in as an app on the iPhone; that'd be a neat hack indeed!

App on the iPhone... Hm... Well... OK, would be grrrrrrrrrrrrreat. BUT I WANT A "low budget b&w; sunlightcompatible newton descendant"! Sorry...

Ok. App on a Kindle... :-) (not budget either. Yet.) (and you want it to be SO much cheaper than the original Macs, eh? Most expensive computer I ever bought was a Mac IIci, and that's before factoring in inflation. An iPhone IS a low-budget computer...)


9 years ago

Copyright? do you think they care. you bought it. it's yours. you can mod it. just dont sell/give copys. ;-)