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Wouldn't it be nice if the stats functions worked on our projects...? Answered

Just saying...


It looks like they moved back to the old method. I'm glad.


2 years ago

I'm seeing some project stats working again here, like posting dates. Yes sir, I like it.

So true!
Now that you meantion it I can see the missing dates again too :)

Are you that kid in 3rd period class who yells "Look it's snowing outside!" I still get the orange bouncing bargraph of doom for the stats breakdowns.

That button seems to be stuffed too, nothing happening here, must be a bug...
Got an idea: How about we no longer report bugs and keep them instead?
If we collect enough of them we can try to sell them on Ebay to the highest bidder.
Maybe that way we can get rid of the bugs faster?

It's like hoping for a Christmas miracle...you have to believe...

wait, were we talking about getting contest prizes shipped?

How about we start a list of known bugs and when they first appeared - first column.
Sencond column for any response to it from the code monkey and the third column with the date it was fixed and how new bugs came on top of it in the meantime.

Started the list but the editor complained the posting is too long LOOOL

The double sarcasm button is working for you? wait...still down.

Seems with every fix we get a couple of new bugs in return LOL