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Wow... Answered

 Wow, I've been inactive for quite some time, Mostly got carried away in forums like facepunch and the GMC(game maker community), I even didn't have this site bookmarked in my new installation, I just remembered about it and checked back, Boy things have changed, there are borders around the comments, Some images appear larger, And I've got a ton of new comments I haven't responded...

What have I missed?
And how's things been going?

(oh and i forgot to mention, i've settled that "pro" thing, no more fuss from me :) )



 damn this place is a lot more inactive then what it used to be

I think it's a lot more active than it used to be.  That's why your topic percolated so quickly off of the "recent" page, where no one would ever see it :-)

 Ah lol that kind of makes sense. XD

 These types of forum topics tend to die quickly.  It's not that we don't care, because we're always glad when a member comes back, but it just isn't the type of thing to be talking about.

Welcome back.


 We're you bumping your own forum?

What'd you miss?

The comments now have boxes around them.  That's about it.