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Write with electricity Answered

I read somewhere (I dont remember where) that if electricity is put on indicator paper then it creates some kind of mark.Or is there any other kind of paper that gets maked on contact with electricity?Most importantly can I use this to wrte or draw?


i guess you can burn thru paper with an arc there are some metals that you can write on with really low currents - few aa batteries and magnetic fluorescent lamp ballast to make arc. the coating on many household screws (especially bright shiny wood screws) is made of this material


9 years ago

I suspect you can do something like this with a solution of salt and some acid/base indicator. Electrolyzing salt solutions will give you stong bases (NaOH) at one electrode, and probably result in enough of a pH change to make the indicator change color...

You can do this with photo paper. I have Instructables about it here and here.

Is there a way to do it with a low voltage (eg a 9volt 2 double a)?

Not with photo paper. It needs enough voltage to generate a standing arc.