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Wrong Prize Answered

I recently won the monthly audio challenge.  I received the message showing the correct prize of a 3D camera pack.  However, when I click on the link to accept my prize and enter my shipping information, the second place prize, a blu-ray player set, shows up instead of the 3D camera prize.

I am not sure where to go to get this rectified.  I don't want to click accept and get the wrong prize.  Any help with where I should go would be helpful.  I replied to the message, but it was sent by the Instructables robot and I have not heard anything. 


I'm in charge of shipping at Instructables. I've made a note of your username, go ahead and accept the prize and enter your shipping address. I'll make sure the Instructables Shipping Robot sends you the right prize.

Assuming you are Shady, it would be nice for the new interns/staff to introduce themselves somehow. I guess I would be in charge of spamming ibles and phishing. Wait, I have a suggestion...nevermind.

New interns/staff introduce themselves? What? Dude, they don't have time to tell us things like that. If they took the time to tell us things like that, next you know they'd have to tell us everything, like "Christy is now cutting her hair" and "Dang, the bathroom is out of toilet paper." We can't turn into Twitter here.

Please email service@instructables.com
The automated message is just to let you know we got your email, a real person will reply in a few days. I've already alerted Randofo and our shipping guy. 

You should send a regular email to service@instructables.com, also you might want to PM(private message button on left side of profile) randofo, the moderator of the contest for assistance.