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X Marks the Spot Answered

Many of you will know about International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Some of you will know that there's a national election in the UK soon.

In the UK, Captain Tom has lost a bet, and has to stand for parliament.

Why should this interest us as Makers?

Because he is going to fix Broken Britain by sending a free roll of duct tape to every home!

Excellent - #2 Son is desperate to turn 18 to vote for him.

Have a look at his campaign site.  London-based readers can help with his nomination.

Vote for Cap'n Tom!
He has policies. He has experience.
He has a duck on his head.



8 years ago

He's Awesome!!

I hope he implements a "Walk the plank!" punishment!

Why does this guy sound American?

He's being a pirate.  Americans are descended from pirates.  And Vikings.  Well-known fact.

What did they teach you at school?

I was referring to his accent. Under the fake pirate talk it didn't seem he had a proper British  twang to his tone of voice. Maybe he is just one of our radical ex-patriates.

He has to be a British citizen, or he couldn't stand for parliament.  Don't forget, the UK accent is as (or more) variable than the US.

It's only a generation or so ago that different valleys in the Lake District spoke dialects so different they could be treated as different languages.

How come the British have better, er, "politicians" than we do?  Hmmm?!?