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X10 security camera help--need ideas Answered

A while back we got a few boxes of assorted electronics parts after my neighbor's son, an electrical engineer, died. I got two or three digital power supplies, a few oscilloscopes, a bunch of 72-volt electric car parts for the Ford Th!nk (which he helped design), a nice powered breadboard, etc. I already pulled out one nice color security camera that operates off 5V and has a composite/RCA output.

I also found a more camera looking camera, a part of an X10 home security system. The camera has a built-in microphone and operates on 12VDC, but all three operate off a single, 6-conductor CAT-3 cable (15ft long). It comes with an adapter that I don't have, with a CAT-3 jack on one end, and a wire that separates into a 12V jack, an audio RCA plug, and a video RCA plug. I found the pinout online (attached), and I could wire it up to RCA plugs and a 12V power jack, but only if I could separate the lines. My question(s) are: 1)Where can I find CAT-3 plugs, 2)any suggestions regarding wiring, and 3)should I just cut off the end and attach plugs directly to it?

Update: I discovered that CAT-3 fits into both CAT-1 and CAT-5 plugs. Now, if I could find a CAT-5 plug it would be easy, but I can only find a bunch of CAT-3 plugs missing the outside contacts, thereby making them CAT-1. I'm going to try to make my own contacts.


Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. My dad had this camera laying around with no adapter. That pinout is all I needed to make my own. I've been for years trying to use this damn thing.

Acer73, I said in the forum, it fits into CAT-5 and CAT-1 plugs. Ethernet uses CAT-5 (eight contacts). CAT-1 is telephone line (four contacts). This is CAT-3 (six contacts), which has the same physical dimensions of CAT-1, but has an extra contact on either side. It plugs into a CAT-5 jack, but does not completely fill the physical space. Last night after I should have been in bed I stayed up late and added two contacts to a CAT-3 plug that had only four contacts for CAT-1 use. Today I'll solder them to power and RCA plugs and see what happens. NachoMahma, thanks. Now I know I'm on the right track. Hah! I just got your username last night. I'm slow.

. I had something similar at one time. IIRC, the audio and video will work with a VCR/etc if you attach RCA phono plugs. . Make your own breakout box with a female RJ, a 12V PS, a couple of RCA plugs, and a little cable.


11 years ago

They look like ethernet plugs Go to best buy and make sure they are the same