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XBox live Answered

I got xbox live. Pm me your gamertags and i'll add you. I'm not posting my own publicly because i don't want spam.


mine is Shaznazabbadaz (exactly as you see) i do have a mic and many games, what games do you have?

MW2, Halo 3, WAW, Brutal legend, GTA IV, TF2 are all that can go online I think.

Mine is LoneSangheili - I got me an xbox just to play the newer halo games, I might get other games though.. (BTW, I don't have gold just yet)

Just got mine online today, gamertag is bigdylan91, tell me your ibles name if you add me, cause if I don't know you I'll deny it. =)

A Killing Pie. I've got lots of games(MW2, B company 2,NHL10, you name it) and a headset (I'm a Beach noob). I'm usually on about 18:30 to 21:00 each night, and on weekends, I'm on usually from 10:00 to 12:00, and then 19:00 to 22:00. Those are all US Eastern Times.

o Craiiiiiig x
6 i's
by the way my mic has broke  so i can only hear through it (if anyone knows how to fix it plz tell me)

Do you have parental protection settings on? Do you just have mic mute switch turned on?

ExtraAngry Bolt

(What games you got?)

InvariantMedal.  However I will only be able to play halo 2 because my 360 was stolen.


8 years ago