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XP or Vista? Answered

The Spaghedeity has smiled upon me! I'm finally going to get a new computer, a custom Dell.
Should I get a Vista or XP?
XP is reliable, cheaper and proven, but it's old-ish
Vista is NEW, cooler, and won't be outdated in a year or two, but its buggy
I can't decide :p, any help?

Well I wound up getting an Apple iMac 20"




9 years ago

not sure why everyone hates vista, i think it's great and have been running ti for about a year and i have never had it crash or lock up once. vista is good until the tweakers get in and start messing with things, then you get problems. xp on the other hand was much slower and tends to freeze up now and then. given a choice between the two, definately vista - with lots of ram.

xp - it just works and does it well vista - i think everything you really need is in xp too (or can be added to xp) and is gonna work better than vista

Aye well... Mine eyes have been opened, an Apple hath I purchased..


Actually... you should probably go linux, but I dunno. I really want to try out linux, but I'm not too insane w/ the compz.

I recently switched over to Ubuntu distro of linux.... but have since switched back. I like what they've done with linux but even once you get to know what your doing with it and where to find things, it takes about 5 - 10 minutes longer to do almost everything. I mean if your gonna set it up and just surf the web or listen to tunes... your all set.... but if your like me adding and removing progams constantly and forever changing the way you do things linux is a hinderence. the way the general use of the OS is set up its a solid OS... but even finding the correct codec for a video goes from a minor inconvinence to a major choir... its defianatly do-able but when it comes to things like this plan on an extra 5 - 10 minutes of figuring and a lot of trial and error

further, in my comparison during my switch I found 2 reasons to switch to linux, they are: 1.) Linux is free, and almost all software is open source (due to this, there are 1000 different versions of everything, some work well, some barly work at all, some are awsome... hense, trial and error) 2.) Security. The guys who make viruses are linux users - why make a virus for the OS you use when you can make one easier that will effect the majority of computer users. there are just as many ways to crash a linux, just no programmers that want to crash it... there all using linux concentrating on crashing microsoft. but I use Windows XP, there are plenty of good open source programs for windows. and if there is something I don't have, but want.... I take it anyway... I don't feel bad ripping off microsoft, but I don't even feel I have ripped them off... not since the copy of windows I purchased years and years ago was unvalidatable just becuase I format a lot. I paid for my copy... and I can't update because you say its not valid now?.... sorry... went on a slight microsoft tangent.

2.) Security. The guys who make viruses are linux users - why make a virus for the OS you use when you can make one easier that will effect the majority of computer users. there are just as many ways to crash a linux, just no programmers that want to crash it... there all using linux concentrating on crashing microsoft.

I have never once read this opinion before. Site some evidence, please. In fact, the evidence supports that the vast majority of virus programmers are Windoz users/programmers...

Since programmers are more likely to be taught Windoz languages (VB, VC++, C#) than any other in high school and college, that's the source of virus programmers. Virus programmers tend to be underachievers, and it's just so much easier to 'tank' windows...

And there certainly ARE NOT as many ways to crash Linux, simply because most Linux users don't have root (admin) privileges...Most XP users do day-to-day work using administrative accounts... And most Linux distros aren't configured to have a password-less admin account configured by default (I'm not going to bother listing other reasons, as we can argue OS design philosophies for eons...)

(Incidentally, I don't agree with any of your other criticisms of Linux...but who cares? You're entitled to your opinion. And guess what? I use both OS's...)

I'll have to check that out, thanks. Sounds rather ominous... ;-)

it is a bit long, but well worth the time (it gets quite techy too, so you are forwarned ;-)

I tried Mepis, and Puppy as well... that was one of the things I disliked, sifting through distro after distro trying to find the right one...

If I were personally building it, I would but since Dell is making it, it's gota be XP or Vista :p

Dual Boot if you can. You will be foolproof. Then when you want just one OS, wipe the other partition. If you can only choose one, choose XP. Vista is still buggy and programs might not work on it. Wait until SP1 comes out for Vista.

I love vista. I like the feel, and there isn't anything that I have found in the past year that is just completely wrong with it. I also like the ability to use the built in handwriting recognition in Vista, which is why I switched in the first place.
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if you have a copy of xp get your computer with vista and then downgrade to xp, that way when vista gets more reliable and less buggy you can upgrade without having to go buy a copy, and you already know it will run on your computer.

yeah, but that will get the vista computer locked by M$ because you can't use a serial number twice.

that's where other stuff comes in.

EDIT: Yes, it will(should) be 100% Legal. you bought the computer with Vista, you can(or should be able to) download it to get it back.

i meant that the computer that came with vista would be locked because you already used the winXP serial number on the computer that you got XP for originally

well you can just generate a new key... or go to a college or school and find the Corporate key for XP..... ;-) -I thought you can install Windows on 5 different computers?

Do you even have to ask? I was forced into Vista, and absolutely hate it. It's unreliable, incompatible, and down right embarrassing to be using. I've been seriously thinking about downgrading back to XP.

What's so bad about it? Give me an example of were you wanted to grab a shotgun and blow it to bits.

I am seriously considering upgrading my brand-new Vista laptop to XP. This thing just crraaawwwlllllss along. It is far, far slower than my 5 year old XP laptop, even though it has much better specs on paper. Plus it seems to screw with Firefox (gee... there's a surprise), and possibly also Google desktop (gee... there's a surprise). Starting up, waking from standby, or switching between users can take anywhere between 5 seconds and 5+ minutes. Programs continually go "not responding"...

If you got Office 2007 at the same time, you're in for a double whammy. I have yet to find ONE SINGLE NEW FEATURE in Office 2007 I find even remotely useful (actually, the same goes for Vista, come to think of it...), and in exchange the entire friggin UI has been completely turned upside its head!! I can barely find the simplest of functions anymore, and I suspect a number of them simply don't exist anymore in '07, or have been squirreled away in such an obscure location that I will never see them again!


I use Vista because it came with the computer, but I have Microsoft Works or whatever from 2003. Haven't had any problems yet. The only thing I really don't like about it is the start menu screen.

It's over the top attempts user friendliness and security. Your example: Whenever I tried to do anything it would double and triple check to make sure I knew what was happening and that I was ok with it. If i tried to connect to the internet...allow or disallow. If I tried to download something...allow or disallow. If I tried to open what I just downloaded...allow or disallow. My mom had to buy a new printer (hers was only a month or two old) when she got vista because very few lexmark printers worked on it. And when we got her a new one, it printed the test page, and then didn't work from then on. The printer that I used on my laptop did, however, have a vista compatible driver...but I could only print one thing, and then I had to restart the computer in order for it to clear it's cache. Quicken wasn't compatible either. My friend's sister just ordered a new Dell...the version she wanted didn't have XP as an option (some do) so she ordered XP to downgrade to when she gets it.

Things like that go and on.

Like they say, the only good thing about Vista is that even it's drivers aren't compatible.

Ditto, I got it with a new lappy, (Home Basic, but still.) it's a Dual-Core@1.7Ghz 1Gb RAM, took around 3+ minutes to boot, I installed Xp on it, </1 minute boot times. nLite'd Xp @ <1 minute. dude, go Xp: try Vista in another year or so. ;-)

you should have went with Vista. you can then downgrade to XP and it will be really fast.

XP, get XP........ Vista is a gigantic waste of resources. Xp won't be outdated for quite a while I suspect. Vista has a long way to go before I'll consider it even a little bit

Service pack 3 of XP is going to be released soon this year anyway...

Really? I didn't know they were going to release a service pack 3...

Yeah it's being released this year sometime, the last service pack :P

. RC1 (MS-ese for beta) of SP3 has been released. Haven't heard when it will be released to general public, but it shouldn't be more than a couple of months.

It was offered to me this past week, but I have been a bit skittish about installing a potential problem....

Sweet! My sis's laptop has Pack 2, it's almost like it reads her mind...

Apparently the new service pack for Vista puts vista slightly ahead or on par of XP speed- except for network transfer. But there's still a compatibility issue with some software - so it really depends on what software you run.

Ehmm, not a whole lot of stuff really, but LOTR online and Rappelz better work on it...

I'd just search google for those two and see if other people are having trouble... Mind you, there's a difference between the 64 and 32 bit variants (apparently even on the OS side). It's also worth noting - XP SP3 is soon to be released....

XP, obviously.

XP, due to that fact that there are so many annoying compatibility issues with vista that i have came across in less than 6 months of use.

I would say XP, but I some of those Vista ads on YouTube convinced me that Vista was better... What other OS can make a panorama for you? But I would get Vista since its new, and it's not all bad. 1. It does NOT, contrary to what people will say, quadruple quintuple ask you for permission for everything. Mac commercials simply intimidate computer illiterate people into thinking Windows is bad. 2. Vista is much more stable, and actually has the ability to kill programs now, unlike XP, which continues to freeze as you try and kill a program. 3. Looks good, and is more visually polished than ghetto 16-bit icons XP. So you can fix a buggy OS, but outdated will still be outdated.

XP/ linux dual boot would probably be ideal. Or just get a mac.