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XY pads Answered

Does anyone know where i can buy different sized XY pads? I want to make a midi controller with a few rectangular pads as sliders but i cant find any raw ones.


A picture or link might help...

Like I said I cant find anything. I want to stay in a square foot range so any couple of sizes would be great! When I got the idea I imagined something probably 3 or 4 inches long and 1 inch wide

I think what Kiteman was trying to say is... What do you mean by xp pads?

Are you talking something like this iPad app.

Or maybe your wanting a touch pad like these littel mixers use.
That uses a basic touch pad like what you find on laptops.

Yes just a basic touch pad, but I dont want an entire module, i want to have three or so smaller pads on a single board. preferablly rectangular because I'm going to mainly use them as sliders. I found this if it helps. Its just an electric drum pad though so its not what im looking for, but its the general shape and size of the pads i would like


I think the best you will be able to do is start finding and buying touchpads from old laptops. Don't know exactly how the touch pads are put together so i don't know if you will be able to cut them to size or not.

Another option would be to use a touch screen kit that can do multi touch. These kits are used to add touch screen capability to any monitor. Then sections of the pad can be dedicated for the slider functions you want.

I think i found a supplier for the touchpads. But i doubt they will sell you any. They probably deal in high volume sales only and probably won't be willing to sell a few custom shaped pad to an individual but you can sure try contacting them

I'm waiting for reply from them now, thanks. the touch screen kit sounds like it might work but i need something really small. i want this board to have other stuff on it. It's just that these pads are virtually impossible to find