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Xbox 360 Keeps Shocking Me, New Mouse Pad Is Making Cursor Twitchy Answered

Whenever I touch my Xbox 360 after playing it for a while, it shocks me. It's really fucking annoying. It hurts too. It's made my finger go numb at the tip a couple times. I put a piece of a static cling fridge calender over the drive eject button, and that works most of the time, but any time my finger is a little bit off the piece of plastic and touches the Xbox, it shocks me. It gets me if I touch a thumb drive I've had in there a while too. I think it might have something to do with me not being grounded to the console via a controller wire, because my controllers are wireless, unlike my GameCube ones, which I would never (or rarely maybe, I dunno) get shocked from. I have another problem too, I have this mouse pad with a wrist rest, but the mouse pad part of it is fabric on top, and always catches hairs and dirt and stuff, so I cut it off. I have the wrist rest taped to my keyboard tray now where it would normally be, but I'm using a Dell mouse pad that came with my computer. The problem is, ever since I've started using it (yesterday) my cursor has been twitching, anywhere from a few centimeters to going all the way to the edge of the screen. This happens constantly, probably once a minute. This is also driving me crazy. I've heard that having a mouse pad with colours and stuff like that all over it can make optical mice twitch. The one I'm using now is just different shades of grey, I don't think it should be this bad.


Don't use such language but, no I don't know what the problem is.

About you mouse pad....a Dell one you say ? Mine is blue with the Large word DELL just above middle and the URL at the bottom. I am constantly looking for my pointer (it seems to like the upper left corner most of the time, when it jumps). On you Xbox, is it static or a 115 vAC house current shock you are getting ? I have to be careful where I lived as we don't have properly grounded outlets here (we reside just outside the city limits, so the rules are less strict, and the Landlord is not about to rewire the house if he doesn't have to). I had to take special steps to ground my solder irons because of this. *sigh*

Do you live on Instructables or something? Don't you have a job? You're always on this site! xD

No, now always LOL. I get in for a few minutes in the morning, and a few in the afternoon, just before going to work. During my work, and during backups etc, I get on a minute or so here and there. :-)

Just a static shock of course xD but it still hurts. My mouse pad: I can't tell if it's blue or silver...


Well, this will probably sound very impractical, but I have found where I worked, that I got a LOT of static shocks, especially in the winter, so I have started to wear leather bottomed shoes. The "natural" and somewhat conductive bottoms allow for the charges to be drained slowly through the shoes. This keeps me from getting shocked every time I exit t he car too.