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Xbox 360 red ring issue. not a generic issue please help? Answered

i have an issue with an xbox, it has the 3 red flashing rings. but has no fans, drive or or other wise motherboard power. the fans will not run, the drive will not open or close, and the heat sinks do not become warm. so therefore no cpu or Gpu are not active. The display for the xbox is blank, no e47 issue writting just blank. just wondering if anyone has had this issue or knows of a fix?



the only issue ive heard of with the 3 red lights are with the xbox 360 overheating. but you said that the heatsinks dont even get warm and that there is no power to the CPU or Gpu. have you made sure the power cord is in the xbox all the way because i had that happen once and it was because the power cord wasn't in all the way. other than that i suggest that if you call the xbox support at    1 (800) 4my-xbox or visit there site www.xbox.com/support


8 years ago

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