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Xbox One Raspberry Pi 3 configuration Answered

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project that requires me to interface the Xbox One wireless controller with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Running Raspbian Jessie and not Retropie). I need the controller and the pi to execute programs on button press and drive motors with the joysticks, I have installed Xboxdrv in my pi but am unable to connect the controller to it.

Please suggest the required steps I must take to get this working.


Are you connecting this via a USB cable or are you trying to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth?

Microsoft are rather awkward as their controllers don't use Bluetooth, they use a proprietary wireless interface (they used to sell a USB dongle to allow wireless controllers to be used with Windows).

However with the launch of the XBox One model S, Microsoft finally released a controller that also included Bluetooth connectivity. It still connects to the XBox One using the proprietary interface but the Bluetooth was added for connection to a PC. I've not tried to pair one with a Raspberry Pi though.

Man I know nothing about these controllers. But yes, mine connects to my laptop and mobile without any add-ons. I want to connect it via bluetooth. Any ideas?

If your XB1 controller connects to your laptop and mobile wirelessly then you must have the newer Bluetooth enabled controller. Unfortunately my experience of pairing gamepads with the Pi only applies to RetroPie, so I'm not sure how much help I can be.

I've read that for the XB1 controller to work with RetroPie the ERTM Bluetooth mode needs to be disabled, this may be relevant in your case so probably worth a bit of Googling to find out more.

Thanks a lot man!! Disabling the ERTM worked like a charm and not my joystick finally connects to the Raspberry.

Would it be possible to toggle the on/off function of a live video feed from the RPi camera module using the xbox controller? The RPi 3 is connected to the laptop via ethernet, and the controller is connected to the laptop via usb.

I'm currently trying to build a tethered underwater drone and this makes in impossible for me to connect the controller directly to the RPi 3 as it will be 10m underwater.

How do you plan on communicating between the Pi and the laptop when your drone is underwater?