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Xbox live ... halo 3 UzUmAkI ClaN Answered

hey well for all of you Halo 3 anboys(or girls...hehe) i am making an halo 3 xbox live clan names the UZUMAKI CLAN! We only have 3 people in it so far but with your guyses help that could SKYROCKET! So for any halo3/ naruto fans who wish to join add me in your freinds list ill tell you what to do from there... here is my gamertag : HeLl x FiRe 55 and here is my bungie .net profile... :http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=hell+x+fire+55&sg=0

THX! P.S. here is the clan pic!


Hey well this is Tobi-kun in my new account and my new xbox live account is Halokahuna55... and i have a new clan

so um yeah if u want 2 join just um send me a message...