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Xmas tree Answered

Christmas is coming... Have you got your Xmas tree up and dressed yet? Post pictures and show us what your tree looks like! Also, what kind of tree do you use? Real or Fake? My family use a fake tree, we used to use real ones, but we will never again use them again because... After christmas, my dad tried to get rid of the real tree by burning it outside, when he lit it, after a few seconds later, the fire instantly spread around the tree and shot huge flames high as 30 feet... After that, we had got a few complainants from people in the neighborhood about the orange glow. So we never again going to use a real xmas tree because it is dangerously flammable...


I don't do trees. With three cats it's impossible, and there's no use in decorating for a holiday I don't really celebrate anymore. :) When I still lived at home with my mom we decorated together every year though, and we always had a nice tree with the works. Plus really corny ornaments my sister and I made in school every year. :P

Well, it's mostly the one cat that is an issue. Our youngest leaves a path of destruction wherever she goes. And if our twenty pounder decided to follow her lead, I can only imagine.

My mother in law has two cats - she puts bells on the lowest branches of the tree. The cats bat at the bells, but climb no higher.

i'd make it the most eco friendly i can - decorate a living tree outside (no cutting down a tree) (preferred) or fake tree indoors which is saved and reused every year


9 years ago

We use fake trees. They're reusable and you don't have to chop then chuck.

we have always used a real tree, they smell good and don't have to be stored.

I use fake ones, because all of the sudden I get allergies with real ones.


9 years ago

So you claim 30 foot flames, but do not post a picture or video of them! I call foul!

here's a picture of ours. we ran out of room for all of our ornaments. lol


Fake tree (can't stand the mess of needles, and it's "better" in the long-run). Our old tree finally got too haggard-looking, and Kitewife has bought a skinny tree to fit on an extra-wide and low windowsill. I have to get the decorations out this very afternoon.

My parents' church used to have an American minister. A single man, he had an artificial tree which he decorated once, then kept in the garage, decorated, under a black bin-bag between Christmases from then on - he lifted it out, took off the bag and plugged it in. That and Christmas cards were his only decorations (although he got a lot of cards).

I figured that you would have miniature Jacob's Ladders instead of lights...

We always cut one from our property. But this year, we cut one at a neighbors. I don't really mess with it. That's really Mrs. Skunkbait's gig.

I dont celebrate Christmas. The less stuff you set up the less you have to take down : ) But one year i was at my sisters and we poached a christmas tree from the back yard. It was like the Griswolds, the tree some how doubled in length once we brought it inside and scraped the ceiling when we tried to stand it up. Plus it kept falling over, so we had it tied up against the wall.

We usually have a fake tree. We still haven't put it up or gotten any of our Christmas decorations out and I'll probably be the one that has to decorate it -_-


9 years ago

We use a real tree, this year we're driving down to Oregon (from Spokane, WA) to my aunts house, she lives in this forest and has a really nice house, so this year I get to drive the four-wheeler around and find a tree, then once I do I cut it down and drag it back. =)

Hey Plas, you live in Britan, right?


9 years ago

Ours will probably be prepared.Our tree is fake.

I think I will use the lights before the tree goes up though.

We used to destroy the tree afterwards and use the dried bits as firelighters and also to make the monstrous fie pit giant when needed. We've only had fake one year and it almost led to a war. Our tree is fairly sparsely decorated so far, red lights all over and some simple decorations... We planted a few rooted ones before, on of them is now past 20ft tall and growing at speed, it's not that old either.