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YY:DDD:HH:MM:SS Countup Clock Answered

I was looking to make a countup clock that would be able to count off time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years using seven segment displays. I have yet to be able to find an instructable like this. I imagine it would be very similar to a normal clock; however I do not know enough about electronics to be able to modify the standard clock instructables to be able to make my own.  The only way I know to do this with the knowledge I currently have is to make a mini PC and that would be cost prohibitive as well as overpowered.  

The idea came up because I have my one year anniversary approaching and I figured it would be neat to have a clock whose sole purpose is to give an exact time count of being married.  I played around with the idea of having the clock play a song or display something any time a new year was added, but I figured for now to just stick to the basics.  

If anyone knows of an instructable that fits this idea or is willing to make one/point me in the right direction here, that would be fantastic. 


so turn the battery around and they will run the other direction .. lol .. just kidding .. that won't work .. no ... seriously .. Stop! .. don't do it man .. YOU'LL KILL US ALL!!!

Did you get anywhere with this? I'm looking for the same thing.

Thanks, that provided a good jumping point for me.

From what I've gathered thus far it would seem I need:

1 Arduino Uno Board ATmega328

1 16x4 (or 16x2) LCD Character Display

1 4x3 keypad

1 peizo speaker

1 DS1307 RTC IC

1 Coin cell battery holder

1 wall wart

I know there are other things, but I'm not sure what. Like I know wires and such, but is there anything specific I should be looking at/for with that, or can I just run around the house chopping wires off things I don't need (computer fans and the like)?

Look on the adafruit site for some clock kits and the parts you may need. They have a few tutorials there too and a forum for their products where you can ask if they have a countdown timer that you want. Pretty much basic soldering with most any kind of wire since it is a low power electronic device. Good luck. (Other electronics and kits - MAKE, sparkfun, jameco, digikey, mouser, you'll be disappointed in eb*y stuff as a beginner)

I have found things for countdown and regular clocks easy enough, the issue is finding things for countup (which doesn't seem to be as common place). I'll check out your suggestions. thanks