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Yaesu FT-290R internal battery power? Answered

 I have recently become a licensed radio amateur in the UK. I have acquired a few radios and my main one at the moment is a Yaesu FT-290R. I have been running it off a 12v regulated power supply just fine up to now, but I cannot get the 8 internal "C" cells to power it.
I've put in 8 new Cs, correct polarity.

I've looked at a .PDF of the owner's manual online, no help there.

Any ideas?  I really want to get into SOTA and WOTA, but with no portable PS I can't.... :-(

By the way, my callsign is M6AIM, mike, six, alpha, india, mike.


You could, I suppose, run it in the car ? 

I'll take a wild guess and suggest the switch that switches between external PSU and battery, and which is usually inside the connector for the external supply is damaged - should be an easy fix.


There's a switch to switch between external 13.8V and internal power 8 x c cell = 12V or NIMH 9.6V. if that is switched Ok then probably a diode o/c or battery box o/c's .

Using an analogue meter on low resistance range check all wiring as per the schematic, it's not difficult. Robert Scott VK3URS, I am also an electronics tech of over 40 years. A whole manual can be downloaded but the schematic of the radio is so so. If you require one please let me know at robertscott1949@gmail.com

See the batteries ? Are they the ones you have definitely replaced with new ones ? Presumably they are. You see the tip of the red arrow ? That's pointing to the switch INSIDE the "ext. DC" jack - where, I think, you are currently plugging in your power.

The 'V' shape on the end of the switch, next to the black up arrow is lifted AS you plug in the DC.  It DISCONNECTS the batteries as you do so. IF that switch is faulty, it is JAMMED OFF, and even when the plug is removed the switch DOESN'T let the batteries work.

THat would sure be the first suspect.  THen start at the battery box and work out from there.

Does the meter show the battery to be good when you test the batteries?

Here's a link to the manual if you don't have one.