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Yay for subscribers! Answered

I have decided that I like the subscription process!

I just posted an entry to the Workshop contest (yes, I know I can't win, what the hey), and even before it reached the "recent" list, I've got a bunch of comments, and Bumpus has added an extra step that much improves the whole thing.

Yay, Bumpus!


mini kiteman? im feel like im being stalked

I've worked out a way for me to visit everybody - watch for a thread later in the week...

I've seen you come and I've seen you go. Perhaps you are just the will 'o' the wisp.

Ooo, I would like a visit....it gets lonely in my neck of the woods :-)

i might be refering to my secret mini kiteman

I used the subscriber thing and I got view number one!!!! I feel so special!

Nyet! I got view numero uno, my good man! I know for a fact I did.

Not on this, but I did on the papercraft shed!

You really must be more explicit when you post :-) The watchers are everywhere LOL

This showed up in my inbox as a subscription item.

...thereby making it a meta-something, dunno what.

*feels dapper for having suggested it*

*For the record, RS did not suggest a mini K*

I think that he thinks the subscription thing was his idea.

I distinctly recall suggesting it here, and bringing it up at Maker Faire. Whether or not that's what got them to, I know not. But hey, I can always hope t'was me...

Oops, how did I forget to subscribe to you?

It's an honor to be subscribed by you, Kiteman. :D

Yay Kiteman! Yay Bumpus!

* Eagerly awaits for a 'yay keith!' *