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Years Back in the 80's a friend had a stereo from "Fingerhut" that had spinning l.e.d fans that reacted to the music? Answered

The stereo had two fan like l.e.d. arrays of about 10 each in different colors red green yellow that were on fan like structures inside each of the 12" woofers on his home stereo that he got from "Fingerhut" the l.e.d.s would pulse with the music one side of a blade to the bass and the other with the highs usually ending up making a red & green with yellow pulsating orb inside each speaker that was seen through the black speaker cloth, I have never seen anything like this before or after anywhere but it was a very nice display and could be made with wheels or ceiling fans or any fan I bet, I wish I would have taken electronics in high school instead of CAD but the cad system was cutting edge in 86 and our school had access to them...the only thing I have seen like this is the floating message thingys that use a back and forth l.e.d.s waving in the air. I know if someone builds it it would sell good even for the automotive speaker markets...this was cheap chines junk it could not have cost much to build it but it did look great!!!! I have seen the automotive led wheels that can display pictures and such but this is way simpler than that and the power source and electronics were not spinning withe the leds... trust me build it and you will spend hours watching them while listening to music almost as good as what music videos used to be :) Anybody Seen or Know where they can be bought or can build them?

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There are several instructables on this site for POV LED displays - frequently involving bike wheels or ceiling fans. On Google, you can find instructions for building a color organ. It sounds to me like if you combine the color organ circuitry with the POV hardware, that might get you where you're going.

Yes I think your right, the circut board was spinning and had 3 strips of lcds on it side by side in a strait line RGY each hooked to low,mid,high individually and it only had 1 led on each strip lighted at a time (the hard part) that reacted to the volume of each frequency moving from the center out as the volume went up.
I know this because it would be smaller on low levels and grow as you increased the total volume his mom would "cry" if we turned it up too loud so the display was a full 12" wide and looked the best (This needs a adjustable gain so it looks good at lower levels)
The hard part is how to get a strip of leds to only light one at a time by the input volume?
(I'm not talking about a spectrum analyzer type lighting were each lights up as the volume is increased, I'm talking about just the peak led lighting up by it's self?)

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Yeah, that's a stumper (for me anyway). The spectrum analyzer style would be a pretty straightforward bodge, I think. Making just the peak LED light up sounds like you'd need a microcontroller to parse the signals from the color organ and determine which LED to light based on a predefined range of values. I take great pride in the fact that I know nothing whatsoever about microcontrollers, so I don't really have anything productive to add on that topic.

I found this on Youtube this guy knows how to make the peaks just light up, he switches it halfway through the video


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Sorta like these too


I Think this guy can help me


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It Kinda Looked And Worked Like These but more of a thin line that did not look broken


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