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Yep, I'm Officially Scared. Answered

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has made a vehicle for the military, its called the Big Dog.
Its got four legs, and weighs 235 pounds, and can carry a payload of 340 pounds.
The video is just too creepy..

Boston Dynamics: Big Dog



9 years ago

There is a GMOD npc called DOG.......

Don't worry. These things can't go fast, climb trees, and their batteries (like just about every other robot) probably won't last more than a few hours max.

I've never seen a real dog climb a tree... Like I said before, the thing will look a lot less creepy when they cover it in fur, add a tail and a head (with floppy-ears and tongue) L

They can if they're after something. At least some can. Don't know about more domestic breeds. A

Well possibly. Cats seem to have much sharper claws, and are generally lighter, but as cats find, going up is different from coming down. You don't hear of dogs stuck up trees often / ever (?)


dogs rarely climb trees, but some breeds can run up them (much like stuntmen run up a wall). That I have seen.

I saw video of an earlier version of this (they called it mule then) - it definitely seems stronger and more capable (it's supposed be a mule, not a weapons platform), but it's still too noisy to take into combat, if only because you'd not here ordinary pedestrians sneak up on you.

The mule ? I assume it wasn't the same mule as the one in Asimov's Foundation Series (Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation)?

No reason to be quiet though if they know your there, or if you bring them in the middle of the battle.

All that comes to mind is "Terminator". Smart robots! When they're programed there is nothing to stop them. Ya Know

haha Science, it used to be fun and exciting and for the good of this Earth until it turned EVIL! Buhahahaha!

I'm only scared on one condiction... What country is this?

on top of Lemonie's point, it's funded by DARPA, a US organization, which leads me to believe it's based in the US

Well, the 617 area code numbers, the fact that "The company began as a spinoff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology", and the job openings in Waltham, Massachusetts all lead me to believe its based in the US. Not that I'm sayin' I know or anything. ;)

I was being subtle in my original comment - it is quite obvious that these guys are based in the US... L

Boston Dynamics... could be Lincolnshire UK, but I guess (without bothering to follow a link) that it's the USA?


Definitely not from down my end or I'd be there in a shot. It'll probably be Boston, MA.

That was the Boston (Tea-Party) I was thinking of, where's your nearest Boston? L

OK, I'd already though better of that Boston. Ever been to Scunthorpe?


I went once (which was enough). It got a bit seedy for us, but that was down to the time and company I guess... L

We went up Boston Stump a couple of years ago, on the way back from Skegness Butlins. It's a grand view, but a bit of a climb when you have to keep stepping over pigeons nesting in the staircase.

"Boston Stump is the tallest parish church tower in England. Or is it?"
No never been there.
My dad did take me here yesterday - lots of great stuff, the Gardner 2-stroke (pictured) actually has 4 big blow-lamps on the top! (for the hot-bulb ignition).


normal_Copy of FXCD0040.jpg

9 years ago

First rule of scary robots: if a healthy adult human with a baseball bat couldn't take it out, it's too scary. If you can't push it, trip it or knock it over, I'm not happy :S maybe you'd have to go Star Wars style and tie its legs together with rope? It's either that, or get up close and detach its fuel lines... then it goes into battery mode and becomes just as scary but silent... D:

Its Learning!

No, Seroiusly :-)

It's creepy... the legs... too human-like.

yeah that is really creepy!

2:14 sounds like its tap-dancing lol Its amazing how "smart" this thing is though, how it can recover from stumbling and stuff.

This thing is stupid. They need to make a giant one with laser cannons and blasters. It will really put fear into the Rebel Alliance

Reminds me of that spider one. GOD, if I could wish for anything in the world, my first choice would have been world peace, but then I saw this bad boy. The world can work it out eventually.......

Looks like a dog, sounds like a wasp... The thing will look a lot less creepy when they cover it in fur, add a tail and a head (with floppy-ears and tongue) L

I don't actually see any weapons on this, but it would be good for family open-days at Boston Dynamics...? L

Reminds me of a Hunter from Half Life 2.


Oh My God..... What will happen next!

As a further thought, some one needs to create RC planes with harpoon-guns that can fly around the legs... L

It reminds me of the Mechanical Hound. Creepy.

Jace showed it to me months ago. It still haunts me. He was all into it because it's MGS-esque. But it's so creepy. :(

not too scary, one shot into the radiator....

Read the other comments, new news to many... I for one, saw it on gizmodo a year(?) or so ago. But then, not all of us are gawker whores...