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Yes! (Sometimes a webcomic just speaks to you...) Answered

The title says it all, really.

It's spooky how often XKCD hits the nails right on the head.

The second image is my wallpaper.


And sometimes you are a webcomic...


I think you might appreciate the superlative ROFL acronym I invented a while ago- ROFLSHMALFO. "Rolling On the Floor Laughing So Hard My Artificial Leg Fell Off". It's pronounce "Roffle (like waffle) Shmal Foe".

Oh, goodness me, you just brightened a really bad day, thank you. I'm still chuckling as I type...

ehhhhhhhhh why do you say humour instead of humor

Being British is a large part of it.

Actually, that's pretty much the only part of it.

That and you're wasteful with your "u"s.

And that is now my wallpaper.

Glad to be of service to the Crown, we're the ~~CIA~~ DIY, ya know...

I am usually the one who points out the U in humor.. :D

Humorous * Humourous looks a bit like Hippopotamus..

Although humerus is the correct term for the funny bone.

Which is actually a nerve wrapped around a tendon, and can be triggered by suitable pressure at a suitable point...

Aah! I was just going to type that, when you got to it before me!

whered that come from? R4nD0m you rite the wierdest thingamajigs sometines Oh, heyz kiteman

Buahahahahaha! Caitlinsdad's mad drawing skill FTW!

My ring tone is Mah Nà Mah Nà song...and I'm damn proud of it!

This is my ring tone... I got some fairly strange looks when it went off at school the other day...