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Yet another automobilia question! Answered

So I saw this pretty little thing on the side of the road up near Green lake, Washington, one Aurora, and i have been wondering what make it is ever since. Anyone have any information?

PS: its in a European repair shop, if that helps at all


Mr. Apol

Best Answer 6 years ago

The Sprite was made by British car maker Austin-Healey. "Bugeye" and Frog-eye" are nicknames, not official names.

The MGB was a factory hardtop version of the MGB roadster. Some models were fitted with the straight six engine from the Austin-Healey 3000 (!)

The MG Midget sports car was later re-badged as the Sprite.

It's a very sweet 1958-1961 Austin Healey SPRITE, nicknamed the Bugeye Sprite. It had a 1 liter engine with dual SU Carburetors. From 1961-'80 the Sprite was re-badged to become the MG Midget and soon developed the nickname "Sprigette". It turned out to be one of the most popular cars for racing. Back in 1958 and on it became a popular car with college co-eds. Today the Sprite is a valuable collector car. The car exudes the concept of FUN.

Yup Frog Eye Sprite - Need to be under 5'6'' if you want to get in with the roof up!

For a while there was a UK based company making a fiber glass shell you could put old style mini sub frame on to make a replica. Unable to find them now.

Nice looking car - Small engine - poor brakes - but then again everything has poor brakes then.

There was also a company here in the states, that make a front hood that fit a Miata, and made it look like a "bug eye" (as they are called here in the states)

Thank you all for the fast responses!

It may be a 1959 Mk1 Frog Eye Sprite or similar vintage. Not certain, but the headlights seem similar.

With some new bodywork, I'd agree with you.


Quite a lot were fitted with a small semi circle aero screen rather than the big wind screen.

The other car you have marked as a VW fast back is an MG B hard top.