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Yo, knexers! Answered

OK, so I just failed trying to build some guns. I want to build KK's new TR. When I built it last, I kept it four months or so, and so for the next while do not expect any guns from me, unless I create something very piece efficient. Just thought ya'll should know. :)


I think you really ought to keep at it. You're one of the only ones building consistently these days. At the least, do you suppose you could build your own TR-esque weapon? Add any gimmick you want, but just try to innovate it.

I guess that makes sense. I will try my own TR. I tried a TR pistol yesterday, but that kinda failed.

There we go. Plenty of different ideas, even if they've been done before. A simple one would be shortening the rifle. A less practical but cool idea would be to make a folding TR. Or another radical idea would be to allow easy swapping between single shots and shotgun firing options. While not really practical, I thought it'd be kinda cool to have prewound swappable turrets. This isn't exactly TR exclusive, but another option would be to make a speed loader, something akin to a magazine except with a plunger actuated by your thumb or finger to dispense a round straight out. Make it easy to line up with a TR turret and it'd make reloading them even faster. So many different things you could do, though, don't have to do any of the above. Good luck!

OK, thanks for the ideas! I have a TR turret lying around so I might try the speedloader.

Yeah. As often happens, I ended up with a much different product then what I thought it would be. It is a shotgun that can fire any rod, oodammo, fin ammo, 3 blue rods, 2 yellow, 8 green, or 5 white rods. Not anything very innovative ,but it works pretty well. I have fired a couple hundred rounds through it without any problems.

I am getting tired of simple pin, so I might try a hammer gun next. My shotgun is posted here. https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Shotgun-Death...

Haha well at least you stuck with it. Usually when that happens to me, I'm not able to get a concept to work, so I keep turning it into a new idea that doesn't quite work until it degenerates to something too simple to really show and I give up. The way you build, reminds me of DarkOwl's stuff too, you guys make interesting stuff so I hope that something will pop up that inspires me to try something different at some point.

Yeppers. That almost always happens to me. LOL, I should try to build a simple gun and see if it turns out innovative. ;)

You are the third person that has thought that, I dunno why. I do not see why folks think that, as I do not see that I build like him.

It's not so much that you build like him, just that you both have you own styles that take from other people's builds, but still have your own touches on them. We can generally say "oh that looks like a DarkOwl/Corgi build" Huh, must be the animals. =P

i'm the same way i just failed at some knex guns so i'm going to just build some other stuff of ibles and then get back into guns after i have a little break to work on some other stuff. i get one or to guns that work good and then i just need a break!

Yeah. I have a rifle I might post, it seems to work well, but it is very skeletonish. I'll try to fill it up a bit before posting instructions.